hi all
i am new in seo.i made a lot of backlink for my site <snip> but backlink not showing in google webmaster.anybody tell me whats wrong or what should i do?

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Google has to crawl the location of those back links before it will know they exists. And that's no guarantee when and if Google will show them to you in their Webmaster Tools.

So, wait.

Right that it will take sometime to crawl and index the backlinks and to generate the result of the backlinks. So keep on the process of the link building. But always try to get the quality backlinks instead of quantity of the links so this will provide more effective results. And in your submission always try to provide the new and useful content then you will get more backlinks.

if the backlink from very low PR site, it not count
and if they use no follow, also not count

hi all
i am new in seo.i made a lot of backlink for my site <snip> but backlink not showing in google webmaster.anybody tell me whats wrong or what should i do?

You must submit your site map XML to Google, yahoo, MSN to get crawler errors, html suggestions and link details from search engines to improve your site's SEO quality.

Use SEO Software Submitter Sitemap Generator (free tool) to generate sitemap XML for your site.Save and upload this XML into your website.

Submit sitemap URL into Google Webmaster, yahoo site explorer and Bing Webmaster control panel. You can see many SEO advices from Google Webmaster tool (HTML suggestions).

You can also see how many keywords impressed and clicked, external links and internal links from Webmaster control panel.

Good luck for your SEO success!

Thanks for the troubleshooting. My new website was successfully indexed last week, according to google. I subsequently submitted a sitemap. The sitemap checks out ok, again, according to google (webmaster tools account info). The problem is that when I type in my url it is not listed. I get one page from the website, and that is it. I checked on the index stats using google webmaster tools.

your back linking will be shown when the Google cache your site after that you can see your back link

Try searching Google using the phrase


You may get a better picture of what Google has indexed.

Hello everyone

I am also phrase this problem "webmaster not show my site backlink's" Please help me what can i do to solve this problem.

It usually happens if Google doesn't crawl your site, i think more light can be thrown by the Google only if you are sure that you have a of backlinks than i think contacting them might sort your problem out.

Ping your site.

Also m facing this link problem. i cant find any link on webmaster, showing "Total links - No data available." This website is new but i am doing link building before 3 months ago and already i have created many links but in webmaster toll not showing any links.. What should i do please tell me..
here is my site : carscanner.com.au

Just wait for few days WMT will show your back links when they get index.

If google soes not index your site, you are unable to see your sites backlinks.
If you do not have xml sitemap,generate it and place in root directory and submit it on SE by webmaster tool.
This wiil helps you to crawl your entire site and index it.

Try aHrefs or other Tools to check your backlinks!

Give some time it will listed on WBT and yes only dofollow backlink will be listed there.Try to ping all those pages where you have inserted your links that would help to get indexed fast.

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