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Im creating ASP.NET project.
There is a gridview. in grid it has a hyperlinked column named with "select"
when I click "select", i want to get row data.

Most of the web sites have a lot of code about this. But I feel there must be a very simple method to get row data.

datasource, connection string is in file. it is connected properly and can view data correctly.

Please help me....


In Visual Studio, in Gridview Tasks, if you enabled "Enable selection", this additional column will show in the gridview. Generally, this column can now be used so that when you click on it, you can display data in another control such as a details view. So, if on the same page, you create a details view, when you build that datasource, you can specify in the where clause to use the ID from the row in the gridview, thereby showing you row data.

Alternatively, you can add your own hyperlink control to a column, and modify its properties to take the user to another page and you can pass a querystring so that the receiving page can show row data.


JorgeM, you said: "In Visual Studio, in Gridview Tasks, if you enabled 'Enable selection', this additional column will show in the gridview."

What is the name of the PROPERTY of the GridView object that enabling 'Enable selection' affects?

Thanks in advance...

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