Hi dani, please give a explain for this question... i confused.
this value add by one if someone give me a good one? right or not?
now my Community Reputation Points = 40.
i have this points (40) a few day ago and some people give me a good reputation again but this point doesn't increase, so this points still 40...
why it can be? the good reputation from other is more than two or three but its still 40...
best regards

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hmm, this the answer, thx for reply joe.
one question again :)
there are epoch to gain my rep power?ex (6 months or 1 years or etc) or how many post i have to do to increase rep point?


I think you get a couple rep points for every 1,000 posts. As far as I know there are no rep points based on length of membership. Post frequently in the technical forums and your rep points will probably go up faster.

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