I'm new here by the way. System is Win XP SP1

1. So far i have used Norton to run a full comp scan and Quarantiine
the following:
Trojan.Metajuan filename:A0058208.dll
Trojan Horse filename:A0058205.dll
Trojan Horse filename:A0058201.dll
Trojan.Zlob filename:A0046057.exe

All of the above files were found in the System Volume information folder. So i Turned off System Restore and now all previous restore points are deleted. I was hoping that everytime i updated norton that it would have the necessary files to fix these files that i have in quarantine, but it didn't. My question is what can i do to get rid of them, or should i wait on Norton's future updates.

2. Why does Norton choose to "Leave Alone" the threats that are found in Expanded Threats? Should i set Norton to first delete files that it finds when it is set to scan expanded threats?

3. When Winxp starts, it always shows a DLL error message
it says : Error loading
C:\WINNT\System32\ypyovicr.dll The specified module could not be found.

What can be done to fix this and stop the error messages.

As a side note i did run AVG right after i turned off System Restore.

Thanks for your help, i appreciate it. I hope i posted this correctly, ;)

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Um, why are you running xp sp1?

Its full of holes so viruses can get back in very quickly after you try to remove them...

Hello, i'm in the process of changing to WINXP SP2 because i haven't used this Comp in a long time. i just wanted to clean my system of infections first and then back it up.

So far i ran A-squared in safe mode and i'm about to run spybot Search and Destroy in safe mode but i want to do something about the error message i keep getting when i start Win XP it

says: Error loading c:\WINNT\System31\ypyovicr.dll . It says this DLL could not be found.

I did delete some infected files in the past so that might have something to do with it.

And also when i go in safe mode the SCREEN is so HUGE!! i can't even see the full display of a menu screen to select some options.
Is there a way to fix this?

And if by chance someone know where i can get Windows Backup Utility so i can back up my system before installing Win XP SP2 Please let me know.
Thanks i really appreciate it.

I recommend formatting your hard drive and installing XP SP2 from fresh.

If you're on a machine with SP1 and you're getting numerous infections, good chances are you're not going to get rid of them, especially running Norton.

Secondly, the virii were found in the System Volume Information section.
As far as i'm aware, this is related to the System >Restore< directory.
Thus if you have infections in your restore directory, you're always going to be infected no matter how many times you restore the machine..

Wipe the damn thing, it seems riddled as it is. and start from fresh, if you have documents..etc upload them to a public FTP or email them to yourself.
backup utils will probably backup virii too. ;)

yes, the only way to remove viruses from system vol. information is to turn system restore off (deletes all restore points!!!!) and reboot then scan

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