I want to know the benefits of online community.
please tell me.

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Firstly, you can get some money and you can make new friends.

It's a great place to get more friends and a also media to earn money.

Communities can be good for many reasons

Meeting new friends

and there are so many to choose from

Social media in its simplest form is, an individual who find groups of like minded people to share ideas and discuss different topics.

If you join these communities and start using it to share ideas, business opportunities, and learn new techniques and ideas. Best of all you can start developing your trust within the community and to start improving your business profile.

The main social media companies are found on the web. This is were millions of people can meet old friends, high school class mates, create business contacts and meet people all over the world.

you can earn money by adding advertisements and you get famous on world wide web.

I found a ton of scripts to build social communities on www.hotscripts.com Musicbox was nice enough to tell me about the site thanks!!

Wisdom and knowledge I have learned more in the last 3 yrs than all of high school and college.

The short answer is that online communities are engaging ... Visitors enjoy the instant communication with people from around the world who share their interests along with the instant gratification of finding exactly what they're looking for the way they're looking for it ... something that just wasn't possible with the ole static non-interactive sites. From a business perspective, visitors spend a long time interacting with your company and your brand (which is HUGE), fresh new content is produced constantly, and the content is user-driven so your website produces content without all the man hours of writing it yourself.

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