Just now spoted how nicely you implemented members post count dani. It does not change on all posts, just increase on the new one.
Great job and thank you :*

The post count on all my threads are the same. You probably need to refresh your browser page.

ouch, it does look like my browser did not responded fast enought, my appology for casuing chaos:$

Are you referring to where you can make a post and it doesn't refresh the entire page but just sorta plops your post in there?

In JSP section I replied to this post http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread114155.html. Ancient Dragon reply to the post and I replied to his post. When my new post has been add the post count above AD was one less then new post count. As between these two posts I didn't write any other post I thought they you made some new addition to post count

I'm just confused now.