Honestly, I don't know where to post this question. Several days ago I posted a question about the part of the XP OS that produces the thumbnails in Windows Explorer. While I waited for someone to answer I found a solution to the problem on my own. Another user asked me if I had a solution, and now I want to get back to him.

Problem is, I can't find my way back to where his message to me is. Am I missing a link or something on the site? Or is it just not there? What I would like to do is list just the questions I have posted and their replies. Is this possible on this site?

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Well, I clicked on your profile, did a "view all posts by davem48" and found where you posted about the thumbnails


But I don't see anyone replying in that thread which leads me to believe he sent you a privet message.

If you scroll to the very top of the page while logged in, you'll see "Welcome davem48"
To the left of that, you'll see Control Panel. Click Control Panel and on the next screen, scroll down and look on the left for "Privet Messages" under there, list "List all messages"

Hope this helps

So, the link I need is under Control Panel. That explains why I didn't see it. I'll know better the next time, and yes; your reply was helpful. Thank you!

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