As a followup to the post of "How much I should charge?", I need a place or hopefully multiple places to post my ad for computer services I'm doing this summer.

So, I'm basically doing upgrades, repairs, and complete system builds.

I'm just wondering where i should post the ad. And, should I setup a website for the service?

(BTW, I am only looking for local sales, because I don't want any funny business, and I don't want to be scammed either).

Any help would be highly appreciated.

I do pretty much the same thing outside of my day job. i usually advertise in my Local Library's, news agents even a free paper called the friday ad (available in the UK). think about where people go to shop and see if you can leave an ad or something. also if you drive stick one in your window. the biggest advertiser is word of mouth. build up a rapor with clients and they will ask you back and recommend you to others, i make most of my money from word of mouth, this week for example i have seen a different client each night!! good luck!

I was thinking of online sources, including craigslist.

that kind of stuff is fine but you might have problems being found. thats why i suggested local advertising - its always yielded me good results!

How many people u get?

i usualy get anywhere between 2-5 clients a week. sometimes its more and sometimes its less, but on average 3 a week. i was looking at your other post about charging and i charge £30 ($60) an hour. sometimes i do a batch job like cleaning out viruses and spyware for £40, its a two/3 hour job but i dont have to do a lot! hope this helps!

well since I charge much less then you do, then I probably will get more.

i have a full time job remember, 3 a week is fine for me because i can only do evenings and weekends. just some extra all adds up!

well i out of school for the summer, so I can work 9 hour days :).

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