Hey there, got a good problem here.

I have got a hallmark computer with 2.66ghz intel pentium 4 on a Gigabyte ga-8s661fxm mainboard, but it does not want ot boot, POST, or power on keyboard, or power on moniter... I just installed XP on it and had it running for 5-6 hours checking and adjusting performance and coolling. It runs 2 HDDS one IDE, and one SATA, as well as two IDE DVD burners, also has PCI modem and onboard VGA. This also runs 3 case fans (7300 rpm server fans about 2300 cfm) as well as the CPU fan the the PSU fan. the power suply is rated at about 300 Watts which is more than enough for this system. can anyone give any ideas??? i have allready stripped down to a bare bones system, and done the minimum, required boot setup, and the pull and replace one by one thing but nothing has been successful... any ideas at all. the system was also restarted prior that moring 3-4 times with no problem, this same thing happens all the time, it won't even do anything after resetting the CMOS BIOS... HELP anyone!!! i thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions

Disconnect power from all drives, take out all cards and memory, turn on, you should power up and get beeps if no power the motherboard is either not turning on power supply or power supply is dead. If you have a good power supply you could swap it to see what is dead .
Been there

Done that already no go the power supply has already been swapped, stilll no go but power is there.

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