My looped output looks like this

Link 1, Link2 , link3 , link 4 .....and so on

I need a way to count the RS in either words or chars to cut it if needed in this manner:
Link1, Link2, Li .....

Have tied to measure the length with Len() but might a counter instead to sum the actual posts together and then replace those with a cutted string... or something like that

And the posts comes out of a loop so there is not possible to just take one RS("post") and
cut that one, I need the total length of string.

Any advices how to do that

To complete my question...

This is a static input-output where a number of words are counted, and then cutted in view.

Input = "Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5"
Input = Trim(Input)

Do While InStr(1, Input, " ")
Input = Replace(Input, " ", " ")

Words = Split(Input, " ")
Response.Write ("Full string with: " & UBound(Words) + 1 & " words: " & Input)
Output = Left(Input,15) & " ..."
Response.Write("Cutted string with " & UBound(Words) +1 & " words: " & Output)

The prints looks like this:

Full string with: 5 words: Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4 Link5
Cutted string with 5 words: Link1 Link2 Lin ...

This works well on static strings, but I could not make it run properly in a loop with RS posts

Str = "Link1 & Link2 Link3 Link & Link5 "
Function CutStr(Str, sLength)
If Len (Str) > sLength Then
CutStr = Left(Str,sLength) & "...."
CutStr = Str
End If
End Function
Str = Left(Str,4)
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