Just want to open this thread up to opinions. Please vote in the poll.

they are a good way to preview the thread, one to know if you can solve or know what the person is talking about. Without having to open and read the entire thread.

I found them annoying at first, but I've gotten use to them. The last post in the thread would be more useful, but too time consuming to implement.

useful++, though it's because they've improved over time. I do like them now :)

I like them, very useful IMHO.

They're great! I find myself annoyed now at other forums that don't have them :)

Let us choose with a setting.

Let us choose with a setting.

That seems like the best option if it is not too difficult to implement.

I really don't mind them since I rarely hover on a thread to preview it. But on rare times when those things pop up, they are a little bit distracting; maybe because I am not used to them.