Hello everybody,
First of all, I am Sorry. I have posted a thread. I want to delete it. Because of it is not the correct thread. So Please give me help in this.

My thread details are
In WEB DEVELOPMENT > ASP > send mail automatically in a particular date

and my name is "himajaasp". And also another request.

I want to change my user name from "himajaasp" to "SRPH". Because of the name was gets a problem to me.
So Please do these modifications.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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I too dont know if a thread can be deleted too. You can check in you CP if you have subsribed the threads else while editing the option may come.. try it..


Thanks for ur reply.

I can try it in my CP but it delete only from my subscriptions not from threads list.

So, Please help me anybody.

Thanks for ur reply in advance


I looked at your thread. Unless it completely breaks a rule (ie. no value whatsoever), we don't delete threads that have replies because it's unfair to those who have replied.

> I want to change my user name from "himajaasp" to "SRPH".
For that a PM to either cscgal or happygeek would be a good idea. They're the only ones who can make such a change.

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