I want to delete the backup folder on my C drive. It was created when I reset my computer and fixed a virus issue. When I go to delete it, it pops up with things like "if you delete bootstat, your pc will not work right or it will crash, etc. It is a system issue." I just want to free up 8 gb of space and I didnt' think I needed the backup. I backed up the current system on an external drive. Could someone please help me solve this issue. Thank you. And yes, I am not computer literate. I keep getting messages saying my computer will not work right if i delete my backup.........

You mean the system restore size?

For that you can go to system restore, Click settings, select the drive and click settings again and set a quota for it.

Or maybe just go to the folder and delete what you dont require. It is unlikely that all 8gb data would be system critical. ANy system critical data would pop up an error sayin that. Skip those and delete the rest where it does not compromise your system inegrity.