Hi everyone...

Iam new to VB, i want to know whether we have thread option in VB if so how can v implement that(Sample codes are appreciated). Right now iam using sleep but that ll not make it effecient so i need to implement thread concept...


Iam working in setup creation using VB6, in that i need to invoke certain exe files by clicking Install CommandButton. After installing, the commandbutton should be disabled and UnInstall CommandButton should enabled. Moreover 2 or more exe files may invoke by a single click, thats y i think to call thread for each exe....

Will it work? How can i solve this??

Thanks in advance... Sample codes are appreciated...

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Threading is something that comes with VB.NET.

If I got it right, you're using VB6, which does not have "built-in" threading. Re-post your question to DaniWeb's VB6 forum. I'm sure you'll get an answer from there. I don't also think you'll need threading in a setup application.


Thanks for the reply tene64 ...

I want to know how can i make a process wait untill a prior process completes its execution in vb6....????

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