please create a new link named with today's Post for every index like
Today's post web design, Today's post PHP, Today's post Javascript, DHTML ...

because it's very simple for searching for threads

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Some body didn’t see right side
I am telling beside HOME, FORUM, BLOGS, and LINK DIRECTORY . It’s looking good like index wise


I have absolutely no clue what you are saying. However on the right hand side there is a link called "Today's Posts" and you have several options. See attachment for further details.

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Lol he is saying he didn't see the right side, although I dont know why he must speak in third person. However, just because you (sreein1986) prefer it to be on the top of the page doesn't mean the admin will do it.

It is already on the right hand side, and if you don't notice it , too bad. Maybe you should be a bit more aware of all the features before you ask for something.

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