I'm wondering what sort of code is implemented when creating an online casino / sportsbook web-site. I've been looking into a start-up, but refuse to pay 100k for software, especially if my game programming friends can help me out.

What sort of code is used? C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, etc.

I ran a quick search of the forums and couldn't really find any concrete answers. There is no way that every major online casino shells out 100 grand on top of marketing and payouts to start a legitimate gambling website.

I'd like to run poker and most all variations of the game, and most all casino games, including online slots. I'd also like to develop a web 2.0 sportsbook feature.

I don't want my sourcecode to replicate or copy the current online gambling regime, I think that they're bland and boring. The colors are run together and they're too "loose" for my taste. I'd like to develop a cleaner, more ergonomic online casino.

Any tips or posts I can read? Thanks for the help.

Later on.

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All of the above.

> The colors are run together and they're too "loose" for my taste.
Which is more secure, a red pixel or a green pixel?

Do not for a moment think you and your friends can produce anything of industrial quality in a few weeks of random hacking. Sure you might get there, but in how many years?

"Nice site, but shame about all the cheat-bots which are running" is not going to get you any business (or more accurately, keep it).

What, did you think it would be so simple just to hack a perl script together over a weekend then start counting the money?

> I've been looking into a start-up, but refuse to pay 100k for software
Sounds like a bargain to me (see below for maths lessons).
How much revenue are you hoping to generate from this site? Have you studied the market, worked out an advertising plan? Will you at least be able to pay off the interest during say the first 6 months?

Is that for a full turn-key system which you can just put on a server and be up and running, or do you have to skin it yourself?

Do they also offer full 24/7 support to track threats, break-ins, cheaters, DDoS attacks.
Have you asked them how well their software resists such attacks, and can they back up their claims?

> There is no way that every major online casino shells out 100 grand
> on top of marketing and payouts to start a legitimate gambling website.
Nah, more like millions probably.
If, as an employer, you were to pay a programmer/developer $50K per year, you would spend close to another $50K on various employer taxes, benefits, insurance, health, rental of office space, environmental control (heating and cooling), lighting, PCs, software, electricty (shall I go on?)

I'm assuming that your friends will want to eat at some point. If you're not paying them, then they'll only be able to contribute to your project part time as they feel like it (not as you demand it).

So your 100K wouldn't go far.
The only reason you're able to buy it for 100K is that they're able to sell maybe a couple of licences a week to hopeful startups like yourself. They've spent millons producing it, now they're getting it back 100K at a time (less expenses).

Software is very expensive to write, but it costs almost nothing to reproduce.
Games are cheap because they expect to sell millions. But if your s/w has a very niche market llike the one you're looking at, the unit cost goes up.


I don't know where to start. You make assumptions without knowing the entire situation. But I appreciate your input, and would love another response.

I haven't the slightest idea what pixel, red or green, is more secure. You assume my friends are self-taught programmers. Your wrong. They all attend a game development school, and most have credit with at least one major studio. So perish the idea that they're going to hack a few scripts over the weekend and produce anything of industrial quality. I never said that.

"Nice site, but shame about all the cheat-bots which are running" is not going to get you any business (or more accurately, keep it).

What exactly do you mean? Where is the context?

I have studied the market, on a basic level, and that's why I'm looking into starting an offshore company like this. The profit to expense margins are ridiculously impressive.

I will have enough funds to manage interests and any unavoidable losses and/or mistakes for the first 6-8 months. 100k is for a turnkey system, and it seems like I'd rather take care of the individual steps myself.

Security, Payments, Programming etc., as opposed to having the turnkey company take a cut out of my profit. I'd rather pay trusted individuals to take care of their specialized field.

It's a bummer that I post on a dev forum and get an obviously, semi-experienced response that's so god damn negative. Everyone is so fucking morose.

I asked for tips, tricks and source code basics. You mean to tell me that I can't develop a web 2.0 online casino for under 100k, that's safe, secure and ergonomic?

I'd rather take my money and use it for advertising and marketing. Not to mention to cover any outrageous losses for the first year.

Thanks for the response Salem, but keep the negative shit to yourself. If you'd like to help, I'd appreciate it. Take care dude.

Later on.

commented: You have no clue what you are getting into yet you get abusive about a serious reply. You have a lot to learn. -1

I can't see how you expect to be taken seriously when you have to ask questions such as that of what language you would want to use for a given web application. If you can't figure that out yourself, there are serious problems. You also need to learn to deal with negativity and rejection of an idea when starting a business. Especially when you're on a forum such as this, where noobs come along regularly to ask how they can make an MMO or some other huge expensive project, all by themselves in QBASIC.

A mistake you might currently be making is thinking that your friends are good at programming. I am not sure you know that yet. If they go to game development school, that does not say anything good or bad about them -- there are both smart people and idiots in those schools, and I'm not saying this out of some pretend universal rule, but because I have known idiots who went to a game development school. (I'm actually pretending that there are smart people in such places -- hopefully there's a few.)

Now, it's perfectly possible for an individual to make a top-quality casino application in several months, if they know what they're doing. I know a few who could. One would think that you couldn't, right now, and I have no idea whether your friends could. When you word things the way you do, and when you say the things that you say, it feels like you just have no clue what you're getting into.

Please note that I am not trying to be antagonistic. I am simply pointing out the perceptions that I have based on what I have read of your posts.

So there are a few questions to ask.

How many friends are you going to have to work on this? Do they have work ethic? How much equity will they get? (You shouldn't tell me the last.)

How do you know your friends are smart? Just because they're smarter than you doesn't mean they're smart. The fact that they went to or go to game development school doesn't either. The fact that they have worked at some major studio doesn't mean they're smart either. What did they do at such a studio? Was it development of some low-level physics or graphics or maybe networking code? Then maybe they're smart. Maybe. I don't know what else there is that they could do at a game studio that would be a strong sign of intellect. They might do something with fancy words like "AI programming" but that doesn't necessarily mean they're hardcore.

I would bet imaginary money that at least one of your game programming friends is smart and that most of them don't have the right stuff. There are a lot of dumb nerds.

I don't understand what you are expecting what you want in "tips, tricks and source code basics." Tips about developing web applications? I would think that the process of developing a web application is obvious and I don't understand how you would need to ask for help. And what are "source code basics"? You do know how to program, right? Because if you did, I'd think you'd find the notion of asking for tips and tricks and basics in such a general sense to be very silly.

Here's what I recommend. Ask your friends, individually, what language they would use for a web application, of the list presented above. Those who say C or PHP are stupid. Those who say C++ will really need to address the reasons they didn't choose some more rapid-development-oriented language instead. Do not include them in your efforts. Those who suggest an alternate language, outside of your list, you might to consider the most strongly.

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