Daniweb is moving to our very own dedicated server! The site may be down/ you may be redirected over the next day or two while we do some fine tuning and the DNS entry updates itself.

Yeah! I'm excited. Of course, it's a low end server, but it's all I can afford - and besides, anything is better than a shared server!

may I ask the specs, including the connection they are using. Just curious.

No problem ...

PIII 450 Mhz
512 mb RAM
6 gig hdd
dedicated 100 mbps switch port

I think it should be enough for only daniweb.com - being as I can't afford any more and I really would like to get off of a shared server.

Oops! Wrong specs ... only 128 mb of ram & in the process of asking my hosting company to upgrade that to 512 for some extra $/month.

Thats cool, do you know if it is using IIS, Apache, etc?
May I also ask what your average monthy bandwidth usage is (how much visitors download from the site)?

Apache. It's running really slow right now because with only 128 megs of ram, I'm dipping into my swap file a bit. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.

Average monthly bandwidth usage = 10 gigs/month
What I am entitled to on this dedicated server = 50 gigs/month

As I said, this is a very entry level server. Basically, I wanted to get my hands on something that would let me move off of a shared server. However, this is a temporary solution until daniweb starts earning me money (via google ads, etc.) and making it worth the investment.

This is just a hobby site, of course, but I would at least like to make back as much as I put into the site. :)

Is this the same hosting company that you are already using? And what is the network connection that they claim to have (T-1, T-3, OC-12 etc.)