I have been using daniweb for about a year and a half now, starting out asking the questions on the Python forum, now i usually answer them. But i really just wanted to say thanks, i feel this is a really strong community and the moderation team does a great job.

All the bad posts seem to be taken care of quickly, flame wars are few and far between, and mostly the forums run nicely and everyone gets things done.

So, i guess im just saying thanks for all the help i have gotten over the year and a bit, and to everyone out there fore making such a great community. And hopefully my posting in the python forum is helping someone. :P

Well done guys :)

Awesome, I'm so glad you've been having a good experience on DaniWeb!

Nice one Paul, it's always great to hear from members who are happy with the community and continuing to both get something from and put something positive back into DaniWeb.

Thanks, always good to hear these things :)

Paul is a very nice guy. The more people like him the better!