I have an image of a straight vertical line that has a glow on one side of it. I want to make the line do a 90 degree curve. How do I do this in photoshop? I was thinking that I need to wrap the image around a path or something, but I don't know how.


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In photoshop we have an easy method to do it, but you have to try more to get your shape you want!

1. Import your vertical line image into photoshop
2. Be sure that you are selected your layer
3. Edit ->Transform -> Warp

You will get some nodes and grids, you can move the nodes to get your shape.

Hope it helps!

Thank you, that does help me very much. However, I'm sure there is a better tool for this type of manipulation.

For instance, pretend I have a picture of a somewhat lumpy oval shaped earth. The view is from outer space. Let's say I want to take a photo of my family and have it wrap all the way around the earth. If the bottom of the photo was the part that bordered the earth, then the effect would be the bottom of the picture would be smashed together and the top of the picture would be stretched out. The warp function would not help out much in a situation like this, but I'm sure Photoshop has a tool that will do this. I'm just not sure what it is.


Illustrator has a type on path feature in which you can draw a shape then click on the type on path tool, click on the path and start typing. I have not heard of doing that with images though.

That is the exact feature I am looking for. The same thing as typing text along a path, except have an image go along the path. If this is not a feature, does anybody now how to do something like this?

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