I´ve noticed that when you change your sig that all the posts that you have posted change to the new signature. It would be nice if that didn´t happen, for a little variety in the posts.

I´ve also noticed that when you opt out of the sig, those posts don´t change with a changed sig and always are blank...

Sorry, just an inane comment late at night...:eek:

What if your sig contains your web site address and the address changes, would you want all of your post to contain a link that leads nowhere? That would be a down point. If it's a thought or quote like yours it would be nice though. I would rather want it to change.

Well, I don´t have a web page, so I thought I would throw in something to think about. But when i change them, the older ones go away. Pity...

Your sig is a part of your user profile, and when you change it the change is relected throughout all your contributions.

If you want to maintain thoughtful snippets and comments that you've made from time to time, so that people can read them again later, why not do so in a topic in the 'Lounge' section? Others can add their own snippets and thoughtful comments there also.

YaY there is a topic about this :)

I noticed that my signature doesn't change when I change it in my profile.

I mean it changes, but only for the posts I post after the change.
All the previous posts stay the same.

Why is this? Is there something in My profile options that I need to check so that all of my post's signatures change when I alter it?

If there isn't could there be an option like that added. This would also solve the problem of people that didn't want there previous signatures to be altered.

Just a question with a thought thrown in.

This must have been recently changed... I dont think there is an option to decide this.

Firstly, there is a ten post minimum before you can have a forum signature. From then on, everytime you post there is a checkbox to show your signature (enabled by default). For each post you have set to show your signature, it will show whatever your current signature is in your preferences.