Hi, I recently had my hard drive replaced on my gateway desktop computer, and now instead of being drive C: it is now the I: drive. I was just curious if it possible to rename the I drive back to C, it is the only hard drive and partition on the computer.

Windows XP

Thanks alot, Jon

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Try this,

go to

Start>Run>type msconfig>>Then go to the boot.ini tab.>>Click Check all boot paths

That should see if all the boot paths are correct.


Hello Jon,
You could try Windows Disk Manager, but I wouldn't recommend you to change drive letter, as this could entail serious problem with data/programs on your HDD.
It will be better to leave the letter "I".


Actually if you go in Disk Management (start/run/diskmgmt.msc) you will not be allowed to change the drive letter for the system drive. The only way that might work is using diskpart's assign command http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/diskpart.mspx
but if you do that you might need to go in recovery console and do a bootcfg /rebuild as you will not be able to boot.

Let us know how it worked for you. I really want to know the solution to this one.


Unless the Windows installation on the new drive was originally setup with C: as the system drive, I would not change this. Did someone rebuild Windows from scratch on this HD or was your previous C: restored from some sort of image file? Is everything currently working on this system? This Microsoft article describes how to change it - I would not do this if I were you:


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