Is it possible to add the last post part from the forum list to the favorites list? And maybe also a link to mark all favorite forums as read? :)

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On the right hand side of every page is a box titled My Favorite Forums. I can see which forums have new posts and which do not. But I would also like to be able to mark just those forums as read, and I would like to know how long ago the last post was without looking at the big forum list.

On the big forum list it tells me that on the IT Professionals' Lounge forum the last post was 1 hour ago and there are 49 people viewing it. That kind of information would be nice on the favorite forums list too.


> I would also like to be able to mark just those forums as read
Just like you can do on any of our forum listings page, double click the yellow folder icon to mark that forum as read.


Cool! OK then scratch that request but keep the other one unless there is a cool and too obvious way to do that too. ;)

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