Are there any other IT forums out there?

It doesn't seem that this one gets much traffic, thank you!!

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This one is one of the best in the business.


I would have just thought I would get more respones on my posts if it had heavy traffic.

Experts exchange maybe? thats paid whereas we are voluenteers so they may be faster


Its easy navigation & cool looks brings me back to this site again and again.

Danish K.

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Depends what you're after. You can look at, if you can get there when it's up.

I'm working on one :) however I did a search of information technology forum on google and this is the only real it forum that popped up, that is one of the main reason why I started my site (still working on it, but the forum is up :) ) However, you do have to remember, this is an all volunteer forum, and in the IT community people are busy a lot of times, so it may take a little time.

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