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I seem to remember a friends and fiends feature (or was this on another site?).

While the friends/contacts feature still exists. It would be nice to have a "git-list". There's quite a few people I've helped over the last few years who never bothered to reply/mark the thread solved etc. I can't keep track of them all, so a git-list would be useful. If I saw a post requesting help and found that that particular git was on my list, I could happily ignore said git.

Not that I'm a praise-junkie or anything, but these guys end up wasting a lot of other people's time.

BTW: if you don't have the word 'git' in your dictionary - here's one I found - "rotter: a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible":icon_biggrin:

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You are suggesting a blackball list? Or a hit list? Just because someone doesn't mark the thread solved, reply, or post a thank-you doesn't mean your post was not helpful or unread. Of all the 10 thousand threads I have posted in only 1500 of them were marked solved, or roughly 15%. Are you saying the other 85% should be on my hit list?

>Are you saying the other 85% should be on my hit list?
Of course not. That's silly. You should put everyone who doesn't bow down and kiss your feet on the ignore list! Stupid retarded pleebs who don't know their place deserve it. I mean really, don't they realize that we're the most awesomesauce d00ds on the planet and they should frame our posts after thanking us profusely for our time?!

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Ad - yeah why not! Narue - I agree totally!