By accident I discovered an item entered in my History when I open Opera browser when the browser history has been cleared.
I clear history, cookies, personal data, etc., check to make sure they are clear, and close the browsers. I reopen Opera and find the item there in History. I did not install or add or anything from that web site or opt on Opera that I was aware of to access that web site. I think it might be a glitch because the site is about CSS code, and there's an Opera blog gk-log about it. Maybe that widget got lose and ran away into Opera neverland?
I politely asked on the Opera forum, first thread was deleted, second locked, and third was a downhill journey. No answer but a lot of attention from Opera.

I understand the function of history.
What I don't understand is why the browser is storing an item in my history that I did not access. In essence the Opera browser is acting as the User.

I think in order for a browser to add something to my history that I, the User, did not access, the program has to be written to allow the browser to act as a user.

Does anyone know about those changes in a browser's history function? Is this it new? A glitch?
Somebody hack my computer?
Change my Opera browser settings somehow?
Or is it a regular feature of Opera?

Thank you

Problem was a glitch in the old version of Opera, a style
option issue. New version doesn't have the item showing up in history.