Would be possible to create "generic" sub-forum in Databases where we can place any db related stuff which doesn't fit into any of our present options?(MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access and FileMaker Pro, Database Desing) Having something similar to Software Development sub-forum Legacy and Other Languages.
Reason: Often there is no real place to move questions on SQLite, Derby, DB2, HSQLDB, Postgres, MongoDB and many others and have to leave them either in Software Development section with language they are used or IT Professionals' lounge. This is pointless specially if asked question is on user or admin side instead of programatic data management.

Since we are on topic of forum management, can we please, please, pretty please get JSP renamed to something more broad like "Java Web Development"? I have too often to explain why I moved servlet, JSF or Java server/container oriented question to JSP and did not left it in Java section. I asked this some 18 months ago and never got second reply

I agree that an "Other Databases" forum would be useful.

I meant for either the Database Design or Legacy and Other Languages forums to be a bit of a catch-all. How often are there new threads related to these other SQLs?

Database Design certainly doesn't seem like a catch-all term. Come to think of it, having a single "Databases" forum for some time would help us evaluate whether we really do need a separate forum for each specific database.

Yes, 'Database Design' speaks more to generic relational design issues such as normalization.

A single "Databases" forum might be workable under the current volume of posts. Right now the aggregated front page of those forums goes back 6 days; the second page 12 days. That would certainly solve the "where to put this post" issue.

So far two votes for a single Databases forum. What say everyone else?

I think it is a good idea, for the reasons already stated.

Any comments on my second part of the request, in regards of JSP?

I'm uncertain about the best name for it. "Java Web Development" may be just fine, but I wonder if it might draw many Javascript questions. I think we will always have some misplaced posts between the Java-based forums though.

"Java Web Development" seems very redundant to me given it is in the Web Development category.

Agreed; Java EE would be a much better and official name. Or if not that then maybe another "Java" inside the "Web Development" forums.

Is anything happening in regards of these two things? Or is it again falling of the to-do list?

It's not that they are falling off the todo list. It is that I am still contemplating what I want to do. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Well I close this thread as it is pointless wait...