I just installed a new motherboard onto my case, got the cpu in, and all the connectors connected (I think?), but the computer won't turn on. hard drive, ram etc, are all installed, I really don't know what to do. please help me. thanks. later then.

I'm starting off by assuming you have a LED on the motherboard and it is lit showing power to the MB is good.

At this point I'm also hoping your motherboard has a built in speaker. If so then the best thing to do is start by removing RAM, Power off system, remove RAM, power system back on. If you get tones (3 short beeps generally) it means an issue with the RAM.

If this is the case then try inserting just one stick of memory and try and get into BIOS to make certain settings for it are what they should be. If it does not then try removing all other things attached to the motherboard (start with video card) and turning it on again listening for the tones for bad / missing memory.

please list your computer specs.

is it just the motherboard thats new?

is the new motherboard the same as the old motherboard or is it a different brand?

are you using the same ram from the old motherboard in the new motherboard?

is the ram compatible with the new motherboard?

i have the same problen i had just bought a XFX nForce 610i/GeForce 7050 1333Mhz FSB Intel Socket LGA 775 DDR2 Micro ATX and a quad-core Q6600 i installed it and it was installing xp went to have a bite to eat came cack the screen was off and as i walked up it shut off and wont come on please help me im freaking out is it possible its the cases power supply that it came with or did my quad core die on it first run

I just had a new motherboard and memory installed in my gateway mx6440.
When I got it back, it wouldn't power up. No power light, nothing. My son moved the memory and it came back on. It wasn't plugged in, however, and soon went dead. Now it won't come back on again. Any ideas?