Why do even C/C++ posts have the #webdevelopment tag(?) when retweeted? What is going on?

WWW.DANIWEB.COM - #webdevelopment : Getting argv[] command line arguments.: Hello, Simple question this time, I ho... http://bit.ly/grklp6 #harshgandhitk

Sorry, not quite sure what you mean?

Isn't it odd that content with no relevance to Web Development are tagged as webdevelopment?

It's not tagged as #webdevelopment when I retweet that page. It's just a particular twitter user who is retweeting all articles on DaniWeb and adding that hash tag to them.

Isn't tagging it incorrectly, like posting C/C++ posts in the Web Development forum?
What is this user's deal anyway? What possible interest can he have in retweeting Daniweb posts blindly like that? And why #webdevelopment. I would ask him, but don't know who he is. Any ideas?

Unfortunately we have no control over who retweets what on Twitter or which hashtags they associate with those retweets.

FWIW, Wolfy, I agree it makes little sense...

He is probably using an automated retweet service such as twitterfeed.com, which tweets off of an RSS feed. I suppose he feels that DaniWeb relates to web development, as a whole, so he decided to set up twitterfeed to retweet all of our new threads with the #webdevelopment hash tag.

If you ask me, hash tag or not, I support anyone who wants to retweet our content for us. Especially with the plummet in Google traffic, traffic like this from Twitter is more than essential to keeping us afloat right now.

Ah I see. Thanks both of you.

Yep, the more retweets the merrier I say - regardless of hashtag!