Hello everyone,

Just yesterday I was talking with my dad about illegal software. And we were asking ourself, if you have a company for webdesign/webdevelopment there are alot of tools like photoshop,artisteer,fireworks and name it. These are all tools that are very expensive, and it is illegal to use them if you did not buy them.

But my fathers question was, if he bought a website from someone(we'll call the someone john). And john used an illegal copy of photoshop and designed a website, then coded it in dreamweaver and sold it to my dad. Who is there to check if he is using a legal copy? And if he continues to grow in the years (john), does someone has the right to ask what software do you use? And if he refuses to tell someone or the authorities? Or if he tells them he uses paint, what can the authorities do or say.

Let's keep a long story short:
Who is there to check if someone is using legal software for webprojects or things like that. Or do they even check on it? And what if you say you use paint and ofcourse everyone could see that it's not made with paint but still, you can say it.

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This 'John' wouldn't happen to be really called 'Dannis86?'

Hi there,

No I am not selling websites because I'm not skilled enough in design and coding.
But my goal is to develop applications/websites/webapplications in a few years. But ofcourse when you're designing it's nice to have photoshop, but it's a little hard that when I start designing and coding as a freelancer that I invest $10.000. Ofcourse when I got the money after some months/years working then I would buy it. But those years that I start up I do not got $10.000 the moment that I start. Is there someone who is checking certain websites or applications and checking if the developper has a license.

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To be honest I highly doubt it. Seeing as there are literally millions of websites out there. Here at Daniweb we are not allowed to discuss illegal software so that is all I'm going to say about it.

However, I don't see why you can't download a version of photoshop/or whatever and use that for the 30 days trial period at least, then just format your computer and use it again. Well that's what I tend to do.

^ haha. that was an awesome answer. There are a lot of web design software available for free. Just Google them. and once you have the money saved for a legal software, you can always buy yourself one.

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