Dear Moderator, A few days ago I have registered and was accepted as a member of the DamyWeb Community. You can see from my personal profile that I am a PC professional. All the acceptance communication and dialpg links were done through my Email. I tried to post a question by using the provided links, but when I entered my username "Appreciator" and password, the system refused to accept it, claiming that it is "already being used". But when I used the Facebook I was immrdiately recognised and called by my name. I spent a frustrating hour trying to get in touch by Email, which I prefere. Is the Facebook the only way to ask questions qand to help others and to domate ? Are there some members that can communicate using the Email and some who can not? Asking for a guiding answer, Appreciator.

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Dear Administrator,I read the "Avatar" issues. It is not similiar to my problem. And therefore it doesnt solve it at all. Please dont leave me without a solution.
Thanks, Appreciator.


My apologies but I'm very confused as to what you're asking. There are two ways to register with DaniWeb: either by creating a unique username, password and email address, or by choosing "Login with Facebook". It appears that you've done the latter. Your username is moshe.lubianiker, not "Appreciator".


Members interact with the DaniWeb community by posting on this website. We don't offer one-on-one support via email or via other means.


when I entered my username "Appreciator" and password, the system refused to accept it, claiming that it is "already being used".

Because you already have an account set up via Facebook, I wonder if the Daniweb Server is seeing your email address as being associated with that Facebook account when you try to set up an account using that same email address via the Daniweb Website Signup Page?

So, it won't be the name 'Appreciator' that is conflicting, but your email address. Does that sound feasible?

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