I have need guest post. Anyone can help me about Guest Posting.

Some points to be considered while guest posting are:

• Bloggers need good content.
• The host blogger must include a link to your blog in the post somewhere.
• Guest Post Guidelines need to be clear.
• Cut down on low quality submissions.
• Cut down on irrelevant submissions.
• Clearly state the quality you expect in terms of word count length, language, originality and uniqueness.
• Ask the guest poster to link to other posts found on your blog, or make it clear you’ll add internal links yourself.
• Specify how many links guest posters are allowed to use in the content. 
• Specify your position on affiliate links within post content.
• Mention whether guest posters are allowed to link to their own content within the post.

If you are doing guest posting, the host blogger must contain the maximum traffic so it helps to capture the traffic on your blog.

Thanks for sharing the information about guest posting.

Informative points..... Guest Posting is a good way to get backlinks but these takes much time to approve.