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HI Friends,
I have used Forum posting and Forum posting is very nice SEO technique and provide very good ranking result...Do you use it....Which Forum Site you like very much........I like this forum!(Daniweb)

Hi .... :)
Yes you are all right that forum posting is a good and nice SEO technique that provide good ranking.... I like geekvillage forum, and daniweb.....

Definitely forum posting is a excellent technique, in which increasing Pr & get more traffic.

Exactly forum posting is a good technique to get backlinks for your site and i also like daniweb,pixel2life and 9mb.

First would prefer to use niche related forums.... otherwise i spend most on D-P and e-marketing, search engine optimization and coding forums

Forums links are very valuable link then any other links as forums links are mostly do-follow links and Forums are frequently updated so fresh information and links are crawled by crawler. I use to find high PR forums with do-follow links.

Surely Daniweb is one of my favorite site where i get useful techniques, tips regarding SEO. I usually get immediate response for my new thread. To get backlinks, use only do follow forums like daniweb, warrior etc.

Thank you andy for geekvillage and i love to post on andro-forun, digital point, digital pod cast. and many other forums related to technology .

If you have a good name about technology forum please suggest me.

I also like forum posting and i always prefer those forum which have good ranks. This is really good for website or business promotion. Now a days some people are using software for forum posting but i never suggest for this. They consider this for time consumption but site will be going down. what do you think?

I think every high PR forums sites are use for Good ranking result. I am always use high pr forums sites.

Yes dear i used forum posting an get many backlinks for my sites.Forum posting is really a very wonderfull way of getting backlinks and traffic to your site as well as we learn many new things through forum discussions.

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