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Its not only a method of link building, as well you can learn from here many more things about your topics...

I fully agree with you, Forum posting is the best method to get quality traffic as well as knowledge.

Forum is the best online tool to advertise a website for free and build quality backlinks and promote the website. there are some best ways where people can promot the website via forum like

Establish Good Reputation
Attach a signature file to all of your posts
Practice Netiquette

But I think most of your posts which just do for google, not for the forum affiliate. Related links can raise your position in the search engine, but can hardly increase your traffic.

Forum posting will help to get lots of good quality links. Also, by adding signature to the post, you will get good traffic to your site. You can also improve the position in SERP.

Forum posting is best way to promote your site. You can also generate good traffic through article submission.

I agree with how forum can give benefits in our promotion. But then we have to keep in mind that there is most important benefit it can give to us and that is the social business relationship. If we aim to put comments or create new threads only, then we can not assure how much it will turn to good promotion but if our goal is to help and give good solutions then that will generate so much benefits.

Forum posting is a great method of link building it gives direct traffic to your site as well as link juice to your site as well.

Your are right my dear. But there is a big problem in forum posting is that they often banned your account. Moreover you have to do a lot of work to promote your website. If you want to promote your one site, you need an email address specially for that. What do you think. Is there any way so that your account may not be banned.

I find forum link building is a effective way, you could also use other social web2 for link building, the important part is "Quality" and "Relavancy".

I've been posting on forums on the Internet since about 2003.
One important thing I notice is that regular posters on a forum can spot an advertising posts in a heart beat.
If you post on forums where the topics are of interest to you, and you make positive contributions to the discussions, then you are more likely to have genuine interest to learn more about you. When I read comments on a blog or forum that shout advertising it's a turn off.
Humility counts when posting on forums to network, imo.

I also believe you have to take into consideration your market. Do your potential customers/visitors want to read your real name or your brand name? Many bloggers post comments with their real name ( on the blogs I read, mainly design, art, food, travel and photography). If you post as you, and one day the opportunity arises where you can mention your brand name, then that is worth more in my eyes than posting with a brand name/ID.

This is an old ID I don't blog with anymore. While it would be nice to use the name of my main blog, and final ID (I hope), I joined here, and then stay for information, the brains, good personalities, and excellent support staff on Daniweb.

> One important thing I notice is that regular posters on a forum can spot an advertising posts in a heart beat.
Couldn't be more true!

What is so frustrating is when people think they are getting away with free backlinks, but they are really just coming off as spammers. Forum posting is IMMENSELY IMPORTANT and POWERFUL, but not for the backlinks (Google devalues them so much anyways) as much as for the reputation you can earn as a respected, knowledgeable expert within your industry. And when you earn an amazing reputation for being knowledgeable about a particular topic, than your business revolving around that topic instantly gains a reputation boost like none other.

Forum posting helps to get a quality backlinks but don't spam the forums with unrelated posts...

Forums get banned mainly due to spammng. So, we have to be very careful in using words, comments etc. Comments should be authentic & must related to topic & give valuable advice. Forums are powerful tool of quality backlinks. It brings your site at top ranking.

All says that forum posting is the good method and it is true. But in forum posting the need is to provide the unique content in the post. And the other need is to be continuous in the discussion of any topic. Then only one can get the result of forum posting method.

forum posting and creating a link for your site is a great methodology of promoting your business.

Reputation is everything on forums such as in life. Practicing a good nettiquette is a must when posting on forums. I don't approve the attitude of people engaging in "flame wars" just to get popularity. A good image is built with patience and positive contributions.

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