Microsoft Office VBA is a language many of us love to hate. I am no exception, but I know better than to kick the cash cow that feeds me. As it is, the grand and spacious realm that is DaniWeb lacks a VBA forum. There's VB.NET, VB4,5,6 and Legacy Languages. VBA, especially VBA in Access, really doesn't fit in any of those. Even as I write this, I'm tempted to feel very silly for my request, but my other post-in-progress has no hope for home except in the overly generic "Software Development" super-forum.

Or, we could just create an Office forum under Hardware & Software->Microsoft Windows.

So, how about y'all at DaniWeb HQ? Can we show that (annoyingly rich) red-headed step-child some love?

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While I don't disagree that VBA is missing a solid home, I'm not convinced that we need to add a new forum when VBA threads can be tagged as such and placed in a forum that's "close enough" and likely to be seen by fellow VBA peeps.


Some forums here seem to be pretty 'unpopular' (e.g. Coldfusion), with a further number being infrequently posted to, although they seem to have had a pretty good following in the past. I'd welcome a VBA forum - not that I've used that pile of junk for about 5 years :) - but it's probably used by quite a few people. I don't think that VB 4/5/6 users would welcome the amalgamation to a VB/VBA forum though. 'Close enough' is a tricky one - where would you post a 'spreadsheet data filter'? I'm not criticizing! Just that DW seems to cater to a pretty broad audience but VBA users may feel left out. I miei 2c.

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