Hi I'm new with Linux, and the class I'm in is using Fedora 13, so I installed Fedora 13 on vmware. It didn't come with OpenOffice so I had to download it and being a first time user of Linux it was not fun. The instructions said to open terminal and type in openoffice4 everytime I need to run it. It's located in the /opt folder under file system. How can I get OpenOffice under applications under the Office selection. If anyone could help I would truly appreciate it. If I didn't include some information that was needed please let me know.


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OOo (and, in my opinion, better version of LibreOffice) should install a link in your KDE or Gnome UI menu system. Look in the "Applications->Office" menu. If it wasn't installed by default, the RPM files have an RPM to do that.

One of the rpm files in the set that you got will have the gui components for kde, gnome, or other window managers. Installing that rpm will get you where you want to be. I'll have to tell you later when I get home from work what directory they are in in that set you downloaded.

Thanks rubberman I'm looking forward to your answer

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