Dear Daniweb, I am facing a problem with daniweb forum, it keeps crashing randomly (only when I am browsing the website, if I am not on the website tab or not moving the mouse, nothing happens).
I am using firefox mozilla
OS: UBUNTU and WIN7 (same computer partition: ubuntu 14 / windows7)
I don't know if this problem is common with other people but it started like 2 weeks ago. Is the problem with my laptop or the browser ?
Only the browser crashes on this website and the firefox asks me if I want to restore session or start new Session.

If this problem was fixed, sorry Google, but Daniweb will be my next browser homepage :))))
Thank you all ;)

Here's the crash while enjoying daniweb and studying Computer Organization :)) Screenshot_from_2013-01-12_18:46:15

What version of FF are you using? Do you have any add-ons installed like AdBlock?

yup it works now ;) it was a plugin for ubuntu on firefox, and on windows I guess I have installed the AdBlock plugin, so I will disable it later :)
Thank you +1