Hi, I got help from a member about a problem I had with mySQL.I wanted to thank him so I tried to reply but I get a form requesting username, password email etc and then if I submit it I get a message saying that that name is already taken, of course is my own.I have looked everywhere but I don't seem to find a way to reply to that member, can you help me? Thank you.

Can you post a link to the thread you're talking about?

Sounds like you are not logged in. Look in the purple ribbon at the top of the page, It should say "Logged in as Fiorentino01^" If it doesn't say that then you need to hit the login button.

The recommended way to thank someone is to hit the Up Arrow that appears to the right of the "Flag Bad Post" link. You can put in a comment if you want.

You are not logged in would be the only problem... to fix it, just log in.

OK I have logged in hope this works, thanks for your help

OK I have logged in hope this works, thanks for your help

Well, if you are logged in, is everything working properly?

Yes Michael everything should be working as far as the forum is concerned, I have some other problems with mysql I will ask you guys some more questions, thank you all.Are you getting my reply?

Yes we are getting your reply, so it appears it is working :), if we have helped you solve your question, you may mark this question solved :)