I have just replied on a post that was posted 43 years ago. My reply was also 43 years ago. I had that feeling that time just flies lately but this might be a little too fast. Or is it just some issue with unix time.

This is the link to the article.

EDIT: it is back to normal. I was just extremely lucky to whitnes this extraordinary event for a very short time.

Might be dani playing with some code, resulting in default date of 1st Jan 1970.
For eg,some thing leading to this
Somehow time since 1st Jan 1970 field,integer to count time was coming null,leading to that issue

echo date('d/M/Y',null);
commented: I thought so, too +0

Yes, it must have been some maintenance going on. I will mark this as solved.

Incredibly strange because I haven't been playing aroudn with anything!!

Then that is very strange if Dani wasn't playing around with any code.

Just a thought. Wouldn't the time stamping have more to do with the server's time service, and not with any of Dani's code. Maybe the server had a glitch of some kind in its time service (a reset, or something).

43 years ago! Hummmm -- was Dani even born yet? I knew Dani was good -- but didn't know she was that good :)

@AD, weren't you a young man then?

tell Doc Brown to lay low for a while ... people are taking notice of his experiments ;)