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No question.

Technically Linux is not an operating system even though it is common place to call it one. Linux is a kernel. To be an operating system you must add user space tools to make it useable. That's why many refer to it as GNU/Linux but at this point the argument is moot.

commented: Linux IS an operating system. Kernel only may not be usable for most users but the kernel is the OS +0

Linux/Unix/Posix - the latter is the key. QNX (now the Blackberry OS) is also a Posix operating system. Posix defines a set of common APIs and services that a posix-compliant OS has to support. Software written to the standard will compile/build on any posix-compliant system. I write software for all of these systems, and generally I can simply move the code to another, recompile, and it will run as expected.

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