I have been trying to install Fedora on my laptop which came pre-installed with Windows 8.I need fedora coz i have a course on Unix shell programming dis semester.But i haven't succeeded coz the bios is kind of different from the earlier ones.can u guys suggest me some way i'd be able to install fedora on my laptop.or if dere is some application which could help me do the shell programming in win 8 itself.thanks for the help :)

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Have you considered running Fedora in a VM? If all you need is a *nix system for the shell programming class, that strikes me as the better option than completely wiping your laptop and installing an OS that you may not use for longer than a few months.

What deceptikon said, run FC in a virtual machine. You can download and install VirtualBox (www.virtualbox.org) free on any supported host (WinXP, Win7, Linux, et al) and run just about any x86-based system on it. Some new systems, especially those running Windows 8, are using the secure boot feature of UEFI, which makes installing other operating systems very problematical.

thanks guys i've downloaded the virtualbox & i'm trying 2 get it to work now.thanks a lot for the help.

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