hey everyone

I was wondering if there is any tool that I can use to draw a Wi-FI coverage map in linux ??

Thanks in advance

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I will check it , Thanks a lot

What exactly do you mean by coverage map? Do you want a list of available access points? Do you want to measure the coverage (geometric area) of a particular access point?

coverage map : a map which shows the signal strength at different locations

AFAIK, there is no such, unless there is something that is integrated with a computer and signal capture device that can accurately measure the signal strength at any point relative to the AP. Then, you would need to thoroughly traverse the entire 360 degree range around the AP at various distances in order to map it (both horizontally and vertically). Each type of antenna and AP will generate different profiles in this, so in theory there is no tool that can do that automatically. You might find something that can extrapolate the map from a limited number of data points, but not accurately (especially considering issues of phase-interference, interference from other RF signals in the same frequency range, etc), in my opinion. If you want a more expert opinion (I am an EE and member of the IEEE and am a senior systems engineer for a major mobile phone manufacturer), I can ask some of my colleagues in the IEEE who are consumate experts in radio propagation and antenna design, but I suspect they would agree with me. I once took a class in genetic algorithms from an engineer who designed antennas for phased-array radar systems for the US Air Force. We used to discuss these issues. The math alone is daunting!

Back to the original question, regarding whether there is a Linux tool that can draw such a map (from a myriad of sample points) - possibly. Unfortunately, I don't know what it would be.

Which brings us to the salient question - what do you need to do this for? One use I can think of is to determine where and how many access points to install in a facility. Is that what you are trying to accomplish?

well , I'm reading papers and researches in localization , and I saw coverage maps . The researchers used the result from wardriving and mapped it . I didn't mean that this software will take RSS readings and map them , but we can capture RSS readings and fed them as input to that software to draw the map . I think this is possible , isn't it ?

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