Basically, I need to make a database viewing page and an input pag... The input page must take the First name, Surname, and the age. This should be sent to a script on your server via either a GET or POST, and inserts them into a MySQL database table. This must be secure against SQL injection. The display page should be generated by another script that pulls out everything from the table, creates a HTML table, and displays it. You may use either apache or Nginx, but any scripting language can be used. Also it's for linux.

Thanks for your help :D

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Sorry, but we don't do your homework for you. Give it your best shot and post the code here with questions about problems you are still having. FWIW, I do this stuff for a living. Why should I help you cheat on your homework when I have had to learn this stuff the hard way, by doing it?

I'm just struggling on where to start with it, I can do it once I've started, just finding hard to find where to start

Read up on CGI (Common Gateway Interface), else check on PHP, perl etc. that might be embedded into the webserver of choice.

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