It has been a while since I tweaked my Profile, and I just spent a few minutes reviewing it.

There are fields in our Daniweb Profiles for our Facebook and LinkedIn URLs (among others).
I hesitate to share this information because I'd probably end up with many "friends" from India, which I don't really mind, but it would undermine the credibility of these networks.

However, what I would find more useful is a field in our Profiles for our Blog URL. Comments are turned off, so I don't have to worry about spam comments, and I would appreciate another way in which to make people aware of my blog.

The next time Daniweb admins make changes to the forums, any chance a field could be added to our Profiles for our blog URL?

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What's wrong with the 'Home Page' field that's available on your profile and your signiature? The Home Page field is perfect for the addition of your blog.

Also, the beauty of friend and connection requests is that they can be declined :D

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What's wrong with the 'Home Page' field . . .

I suppose that is one way to do it; didn't think of that. It just seems more appropriate with the other Social Media information.

Also, the beauty of friend and connection requests is that they can be declined :D

True. I wonder if it is even something to worry about? Does anybody actually ever click on these links? It would be informative to know if any Daniweb member has added these URLs to their Profile and later noticed an increase in the number of connection requests they received.


The Home Page field is perfect for the addition of your blog.

That's correct. Use this field to store the URL for your web page or blog.



I am going to serve as my own Guinea pig for a little experiment.
I have just edited my Profile to include links to my blog, and my home pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. I will leave these links there for a month and see if I attract a lot of spam (I am taking one for the team!).

I have added a reminder to my Google calendar to remove these URLs in one month.

Then I will post back in this thread and let you all know what kind of responses I got.


Well I had mine added for 6 months and didn't get one...

(I am taking one for the team!)

I might just ask my 48 indian freelancers to add you now, every 24 hours if you decline, just for the lol's.


Well I had mine added for 6 months and didn't get one...

Hmmnn... perhaps nobody can get there from here.
Are you able to navigate to your LinkedIn page through your Profile?

I checked out your Profile, and Dani's.
In both cases, I was not able to navigate to the LinkedIn pages.

I am using IE10.
When I hover the mouse over the link, all I see is javascript:void(0);
but I cannot actually get to the LinkedIn page.
And it doesn't matter whether I am logged in or not.


That's LinkedIn's widget for ya. Looks like you can't click it. You have to just hover over it and wait for the popup to appear, and then click the name in the popup.


I've put the public link to my profile, can't it just be a typical URL with the target="_blank" attribute Dani?


Okay, my social media links have been in my Profile for one month now.

Nothing significant to report.

No significant increase in the number of views of my LinkedIn Profile.
Not a single Connection Request from a stranger.
(I am not the most prolific poster in these forums, so that may have been a factor; I wasn't "out there" much.)

Same goes for Facebook and Google Plus.

In any case, I am going to conclude this experiment and mark this thread "Solved."

I am still working to build up my network on LinkedIn, and would like to connect with a few Daniweb members. If anybody would like to Connect with me on LinkedIn, send me a PM. I am going to take the initiative and send out one or two myself (Dani and Mike: PMs coming your way.)

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