Hey Geniuses,

Greetings from Sagar.

There is a problem i am facing.

After copying profiles of Users to their Newly Created Domain Accounts e.g.

Local Account: WESKERSE7EN

Domain Account: SAGARSE7EN




This is the Message:

You Have Been Logged In With A Temporary Profile.

I know the solution regarding the Registry Editor where you delete the profile key plus deleting the actual profile stored on the computer simultaneously but that is a TEMPORARY SOLUTION and the problem actually starts again after the User has restarted the Machine.



The Project of Active Directory has kicked off where I work.

I really need a solution like urgently.

All Help Appreciated.

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How are you copying these profiles? What kind of migration are you performing? Moving from one domain to another?

Hy JorgeM,

Currently the active computer is on a WORKGROUP. We are migrating profiles from a WORKGROUP to a domain.

Here is the Procedure Followed to Migrate the User and the Profiles:

1) Change Computer Name

2) Change DNS to pick the Server that holds the Domain.

3) Put The Domain Name. ()

4) Restart The Computer

5) Log into Domain Account.

6) Logout From Domain Account.

7) Login To Local Adminisrator or any other Account with Administrator Privileges.

8) Go to My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> User Profile Settings -> Select The Profile e.g. PURCHASING/user 10GB Profile Size

Copy To : Browse: My Computer , Local Disk (C) , Documents and Settings , Domain User

Permitted to Use: Select The Domain User

Once Profile Copied, Restart the Computer and Log In To The Domain Account.

Profile Should be Copied and Working.

These were the Steps followed to Migrate the Entire User to Active Directory.

What could be the reason why it logs the user with the Temporary Profile?


Just to rule out a permission issue, when you set permitted to use, select everyone. See what happens.

I will try that for sure but just want to ask why set it to everyone when that domain profile is to be accessed by only the owner himself.

While your process seems to be correct, just to see if this is related to permissions. I'm not suggesting that assigning everyone is the permanent solution. You simply need to start ruling out possible causes.

Okay Will implement it today as i also came across another article saying to copy all the files from Document and Settings\username to the destination profile whilst ignoring 4 files at the same time: NTUSER.DAT , ntuser.dat.LOG1 , ntuser.ini , ntuser.pol.

Could the NTUSER Files be the actual cause the Problem?

Because from most of the articles, it says that the NTUSER files hold the software , hardware and registry settings.

you never tried to use Active Directory Migration Tool? The AD is running on what OS?

found this on MS site:

To copy a profile to another domain and assign a user permission to use the profile:

In Control Panel, double-click System.
Click the User Profiles tab, click the profile, and then click Copy To.
Type the path to the folder where user profiles are stored, or click Browse to locate the folder.

NOTE: The dialog box that appears when you click Browse does not permit you to create folders. You must create the required folder before you copy the profile.
Click Change.
In the List Names From box, click the name of the other domain.
In the Names box for the other domain, select the user account of the person who is permitted to use the profile.
Click OK until all open dialog boxes are closed.


Thanks cguan_77 and JorgeM for the assistance throughout this thread.

I managed to sort out the issue though the method used was picked from the link below:


Although i had to perform a couple of few tweaks to get the settings back the way to its previous state e.g.

Copying the .PST Files from the old account to the new domain account.

Configuring the E-Mail Account again on the domain account for Microsoft Outlook and assigning the .PST File to the newly configured E-Mail Account.

@cguan_77 I would appreciate more info on the tools which would make it easier for me to migrate user's profile without any problems to their newly created domain accounts.

Thanking cguan_77 and JorgeM for their Kind Assistance and Help.


Loadstate and scanstate Tools.

Scanstate use to collect files and settings (ex. store files to a shared folder)

Loadstate use to restore files and settings (from the shared folder loadback to client)

although you need to specify xml options for which file files you're going to migrate.

If you're users workstations are using Windows 7, don't make life difficult just use Windows Easy Transfer..

It's quite easy but would only be ideal if you only have few computers..

Thanks cguan_77 for the information. I had tried out a tool last month and the next thing I see is that the contents of the machine are missing.

The Site from where it was downloaded is called:


So I would be cautious enough not to try another profile migrating software on a workstation.

I think the Windows Easy Transfer seems to be a straight method for migrating user's files and settings on Windows 7 Machines.

Thank You For the Prompt Response.


you don't have to download third party tools for migration.
Microsoft provides it..
search Google for: admt tool for windows 2003 or admt tool for windows 2008 if your OS is Win2k8..

search for blog as well that discusses admt tool. :)

hope this helps..

Thanks! Im marking this thread as solved.

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