I have a big doubt regarding blog writing.
I, m just writing short story for my own blog, where I want to add my website link using keyword in anchor text in that story for the purpose of seo promotion.

But I'm confused that using hyperlink with anchor text in blog short story is good or bad. if bad then Where to add hyperlink with anchor text.

For the purpose of SEO promotion? If you're looking to gain Page Rank for the link, I don't believe self published links carry much weight.

If you're concerned whether it will detrimentally affect your site's ranking, you could always rel='nofollow' the link, but I doubt that will be necessary if the article is on your own blog. Guest blogging is another matter.

Regarding keywords, the link text can help search engines understand what the destination is about. If you have multiple links to the same resource, only the first link on a page counts, as far as I understand. However, too many high value keywords can upset your link profile. Having link text such as 'click here' was once considered poor SEO, but times have changed and it might now help to make a link profile look more natural.

Favorite location for the link would be somewhere near the top of the article, 'above the fold' as they say, so that it can be seen when the page loads.

Search engines seem keen to identify authorship these days and there are ways you can associate a bog article with your site that you might want to take advantage of.

I think it depends on where you publish a content, if it's a bunch of blogs that you create with the sole purpose of publishing content through them if they all share the same Ip address this might detrimentally affect your site's ranking based on what I've learned.

According to me publishing the content with 1-2 hyper link with differen website link is not the big issue. you may post your web link to these article as manually or by using the link option from tool box of Blog.

It depends on the site where you will post your content. You can either include it on your profile description or on the content of the article itself.

For Seo promotion, building up of hyperlinks with your anchor text is not bad because it helps to gain backlinks for your website.

You can add it near the bottom of the post as a source link for the vistors checking out the blog or else in the body of the content if the blog post is long enough.

You can add your link in the keyword as a hyperlink. So the keyword will directs to your website.

when you posted a blog then put link on the authour bio in the keywords so google target your keyword that will help to rank your keywords on the search and thanks you all i got some information from this thread as well

Well, I would say if it's your blog then I don't think that there is any need to post link over there ! but still if you want then you can put it at the bottom of the post.

Why place the link at the bottom of the post? Surely it'll get a higher CTR if placed at the top. Forcing visitors to scroll a page to view your link means it stands less chance of getting clicked. This is something you can easily experiment with and measure. What does your analytics software tell you?

Well, ofcourse you can get a higher CTR by placing the link over the top but that is also going to increase your bounce rate. Look its like I have arrived to your site and I was just intrested over the content you have written but what you did is keep forcing me to head over to your site. I will get frustrated eventually and I am going to throw your post over the dump yard and move over to some other place. Means the trick of getting higher traffic fails and now your reputation over my eye gets .... And yes I never share such post over any article directories to drive the traffic. In fact What we do is sharing that post over our own blog means there is not need to putting the links above the post.