I have a 4 month old blog Click Here.I am getting about 400 visitors per day.I applied for Clicksor but the earnings are pretty low-about 0.1$ per day.Is it normal?What is the maximum that can be earned from a technology blog with about 400 visitors daily?Also,90% of visitors come through search engines.

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Google gives me, for some sites with a similar amount of traffic about £1 / $1.60 a day.

Ah - when I click on your menu items, I get thrown over to betting sites full page ads, I get anti malware advisors popping up saying don't go here. I get new windows opening...

Conclusion, I and most other people in the world will NOT return to your site, and you will probably earn nothing. Are you posting the url here as a spammer perhaps???

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you have an informative Blog, but beeing one of 4405, and this just in the blogtopsites technology subsection - all serving the same kind of content, does it not make easy to get 'popular'. All this, it's called 'technoworrlld', a name noone ever will remember how to write, or worse, you 'help' them to go to your competitors (correctly written) URL!!


your'e up against the odd's, as my father would have said.

One should not try to address the Masses, one can never compete. Specialize, not in MASS-, but in Niche- Markets. There, you have, automatically, less Competition as well as better Google & Co. Indexing.

Do you have a special Hobby or Knowledge? Does a Market exist for this? Could you possibly make a profit with or from your Hobby?

Don't spend time, trying something, without building on a fundamental (knowledge) bases. Whatever it is, however it looks, nothing will save you from knowing what your'e doing. At least, if you plan to make real money.

Good Luck!

The question is, did you create the blog just to make money or are you trying to meet the needs of your visitors? If you are trying to do both, you have to do this with caution.

If you're looking to monetize your site in various ways, writing articles for money could be an option. There are different marketplaces which do offer this option (like Teliad), I know most of the serious ones are very tuff on quality when it comes to accepting sites on their marketplace.

Be careful when selling an article, if it is not topic relevant or has nothing to do with your site I wouldn't even consider writing it.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback.Actually,I am new to blogging.
    @drjohn No,I am not a spammer.I actually didn't know that clicksor ads give malware warning.I have removed them.Please check once if everything is all right.Thanks once again for all your help.
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