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We've been having huge server issues all day today. I'm really sorry. I'll try to find your misplaced posts in the database. Things are just wonky today.

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Gasp, no desert for you! :D

I'm incredibly sorry. We had some server glitches this morning that left the database out of sync, and I just can't find your missing posts in the database. Perhaps if you give me something to search on ...?


No worries on the posts, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anthing wrong.. Thanks for getting back me.


I'm really sorry ... There are a few threads about it when it was going on this morning. Things were all sorts of a mess :-P Finally got things settled down, but sorry, I can't find your posts :( I feel really terrible.


Dont be sorry.. like I said I was just worried I did something wrong.Besides I was posting around 4 in the morning after an all night coding session... I could have been type gibberish. B)


If you miss any post, you should check your email inbox for email email from Daniweb. Because daniweb authority delates any post that goes out of Daniweb policy & rules. You should be notified about delation of any of your post.

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