When I'm at a board index page or indeed posting a topic, the navigation tools are always visible (Hardware & Software, Software Development etc...) while I scroll down the page.

That's great, I like it.

While reading a topic however, those buttons/tools scroll away with the rest of the content.

I think it would be better to have them stay throughout the forum globally.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Suzie,

Yes, I agree with you. Unfortunately, we have Google Ads on the topic pages, and it violates Google's Terms of Service to have dropdown menus that could potentially cover up part of their ads. That's the reason.


Would it be a strech to have this scroll for users with ads disabled?

Yes, only because I think its terrible UI design to have the UI behave differently based on an unrelated profile setting.


I never see ads, are they only visible to non logged in users?

Either you are using your own ad blocker, or you have 'ads disabled' in the options in your member profile. It's a setting :)

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