I am new to this forum and it appears that I don't have the capability to send PMs, even if I knew who the appropriate moderator was.

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To avoid problems with spamming and new members PMing moderators and other members privately instead of in the public forums, new members can only reply to PMs that were sent to them.

Which moderator are you trying to reach out to and why?


Not so. If you check my recent posts, you will find that the next post in the thread is always by the same person. The one we discussed.


Always? Or once more? Anyway, the reply on the other thread looks normal to me. If you disagree, send me a PM.


I've only made two posts since our discussion, in two different forums. Next post in both is from him.

The problem is that, as you know, he has the capability to make me very angry. My actions are not always predictable when I am like that, so I would rather avoid it.

Yes, the posts seem normal, but I do not feel that the fact that they exist where they are is a coincidence.

I'm not a paranoid little old lady. I'm trying to avoid having something really ugly happen.

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