i did on/off page to the site but not visible on google.

Off page activies like link building will take some time to have an affect in the search engine rankings.Also just wait for some more time and check whether the website has been cached by google.

Go get a google webmaster tools account and let google tell you what to do properly
Much of what passes for optimising, on webpages devoted to seo, is apocryphal.
What you did may be insignificant, wrong, more often just delayed

Google webmaster tools will tell you precisely, tailored to your site, what to do to make your site the best SEoptimised it can be.

Ignore other SearchEngines, Google makes the rules

Anything you get from anywhere else, including here, including me, is crap.

What, specifically, did you do?

well, @OP I am seriously not getting what you are trying to ask over here !

Can you specify what you are done in on page and off page steps, then only i will analysing your websites. all are using same strategies only but how we are using

  1. Target High page rank authority website
  2. Target to post unique content

If you are not visible on google after alot of SEO effort; make sure that the page is not/has not been penalized by Google (you can see this by logging onto your google webmaster account).

Make sure your robots.txt aren't hiding your website from crawlers.

Make sure there aren't major errors on your website (does it validate with w3c? for both css and html?)

Verify that the keywords you were targeting aren't high competition keywords - those are going to take you working your butt off for hours everyday to rank for especially when there are domains and websites that probably have more historical value then you.

Theres alot more things you can do; infact with SEO you will never truly be finished. However the biggest thing you need is time and patience. For every action you do today, don't expect noticeable results for atleast 3-6 months.

Thanks to everyone, i really got so many knowledge about this topics..........

From how many days you are doing off page activities? are you checking the approvals? you need to submit your site to search engines.

May be your site get hit or banned by update for duplicate content. Will you see any kind of message in webmaster tool like manual actions or security issues?

Hey, It doesnt mean that ON/ OFF page optimization would help you to show your website on Google.

You have to use Google Family members of Webmaster Tools to submit your site's url, sitemap and later on use ''Fetch to Google'' index your post's on Google

Check the content in your site.
Increase the traffic to your site.
So the site will get visible in search engine.